The value of simplicity

Simplicity is everything in marketing and advertising. And I say that with 10 years of experience, 10 years of watching people spin convoluted and idiotic ideas that are about 98% meaningless and ineffective. I want to talk specifically about how important it is to adhere to these basic ideas:

  • Simplicity lets you move the needle by increasing sales

  • Simplicity makes the product the star

  • Simplicity keeps the brand’s best interests, traditions and ideas at the fore

  • Simplicity makes research and data a priority

As long as you’re following simplicity, you don’t need to get into fancy rubbish or overblown ideas that don’t work. That’s the rule I’ve picked up from marketing greats, advertising legends, solid managers and about a thousand books, campaigns, courses, experiments and tests. It’s the rule I swear by to this day.

Following the rule of simplicity, you’re more likely to be effective. Because anything overblown and complicated will miss the mark in some way. When you lack the simplicity, you run the danger of clouding your message, clouding your ideas, clouding your product and losing your audience. You don’t want to do that.